Readings and Resources

Below is a list of websites and articles that are great tools to learn from. The items are categorized according to topics:

Mental health and Psychosocial

  1. Website with free e-books on mental health:
  2. Website with free psychotherapy/counseling worksheets, guides, videos, etc.:
  3. Learning website for National Child Traumatic Stress Network:

Gender Issues and Women Equality

Child Development and Children’s Issues

Education and Learning Support

  1. Website with education support worksheets and resources:
  2. Online open-licensed or self-published or supplementary textbooks from MIT:

Work and Employment Related

  1. Website for Job Search:
  2. Website for Job Search:
  3. Vocational Training in restaurant:
  4. Vocational Training in hospitality:
  5. Vocational Training in Auto-mechanics:
  6. Social Impact Enterprise in sewing:
  7. Social Impact Enterprise in crafts:

Housing Related

Human Rights and Law

Disability and Rehabilitation